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Time Off

Hi people; fuck it’s so good to be back. It’s been a hectic three weeks. I swear I’ve never been so tired.  I’ve been counting the hours till I could get here and just relax with you lot.

The days I’ve been putting in are incredible: sixteen hours on your feet in the sun and the climate there is something else. No seriously, it starts at like five am: my kids (the same kids who won’t get out of bed at seven for school) want to horse ride on the beach with me; or go kayaking on the fucking bay to watch the sunrise (which is just like sunset but with more glare and less colour). And that’s before the first cup of coffee.

As the day wears on it just gets hotter and it just never stops: adventure sports, cultural activities, local colour and posing for photographs. And, luxury resort or not, every little thing is made intentionally more difficult: the money isn’t dollars, they drive on the wrong side and the menus aren’t in English.

And when the kids finally pass out it still isn’t over. It must be something about the sun and sea but the wife never lets up, come midnight she’s still got a plan for me.

I tell you guys this is the first time in three weeks that I can do whatever I want for eight hours. Boy, it’s good to be back at work again.

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