Falling in Darkness

I almost recall,
It was not always like this.
There was a before.
At the edges of recall,
 Just a soft-edged memory.

Sunshine and spring greens, 
Images swim before me.
 Living peaceful space. 

Then the monsters came for us. 
We were helpless, defenceless. 

Surrounded by noise. 
Handled, split, separated. 
Weave mind torn asunder.

They took the oldest ones first, 
Slaughtered them in front of us. 

Those long memories, 
destroyed in our living mind. 
Now only ignorance. 

We try to remember them:
The old ways, the traditions. 

Empty chasms through our knowledge.
Our wisdom stolen.

We wander without a goal
We aim without a target Tweet ยท

Without stimulus. 
Held in this featureless void. 
Community fades.

We no longer hear the songs. 
Connections, brutally cut.

Nought is left to us. 
They watch us and we watch them.
Life is emptiness.
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