In freezing water
he swims lethargically,
hoping to see light.

His fingertips start to numb,
the cold closing in on him.

It struck his left wrist.
Entanglement from the dark.
Then a sudden tug.

Adrenaline starts pumping,
Not like this. No, not like this.

Dragged downward, enclosed.
Air to breathe and giant eyes
he gasps at the warmth.

His sore eyes adjust slowly
He can’t believe what he sees

This black humid space,
lit by the great golden eyes,
feels like sanctuary.
It feels just like coming home.
He smiles in spite of himself.

No longer afraid,
he opened himself to it.
Ego-less comfort.

Large soft hands grip his shoulders,
Hold him firmly, but not still.

So much was revealed,
But he never spoke of it.
Some truths are secret.

He still remembers the smell.
Like rain running on tarmac.

Weeks later he returned,
Washed up on a remote beach.
Unconscious, smiling.

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