Arnold Jenson’s Prologue

Arnold  Jenson had always been interested in understanding people. When he was eight years old he first discovered the public library: a revelation for him as he had long exhausted his parents rather limited knowledge of philosophy.At the age of fourteen he rejected the religion in which he grew up.  And then,  after seventeen months of serial belief inspired by various new age eastern mysticisms ,  he finally settled into the calm certainty of the secular rationalist.

He graduated top of his class in law and gained post graduate qualification in the Philosophy of Ethics. Throughout his university years he systematically learnt about the mystery and the muscle of love using ancient Urdu texts as a primary source and the abundant co-eds for practical experience. He rose through the ranks of Kramer, Giles and Smith and was broadly recognised as having a sharp legal mind and an uncommon ability to get inside one’s head. This was a quality that earned him regular promotion and loyal clients but very few friends.


Arnold Jenson,  at age thirty eight years and four months ,  met someone.


In his clarity he saw a bright,  joyous future. Everyone else saw a fool walking a high cliff path,  striding forward fearlessly,  eyes tight shut.

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