The Junior Emergent Complexity Challenge

Welcome all, those physically corporate and those outside the dimensionality, to the prize giving of the Junior Emergent Complexity Challenge: The only contest where teams of young minds from every culture get to have some hands-on fun with the very substance of life.

Once again this year the teams have surprised us with innovative new tweaks to the base materials with some truly surprising results. Each team starting with the same slime evolved something unique and interesting and all are worthy of praise; but as we all know not everybody can win so lets me put you all out of your agony and get on with it.

But first a special mention … Team Zeph-Eta-X with their entry ‘Sol and Earth’. This marvellous system shows all the reckless creativity and innovation that our contest is famous for. The world of these young creators bred more complexity, much faster than any other in the contest. They started with a high energy carbon system loaded with iron and it paid out in all its multi-coloured glory. The judges wish to particularly commend the ‘ant’ colony network that enmeshes the surface in a biological hive-mind and the minimal beauty of the monoculture kelp forests of the subsurface coastal plains.

However the judges felt that as the system had not achieved bio-stability (and with the system’s intrinsically high burn ratio) these wonders were unfortunately ephemeral phenomenon and as such could not be considered in the judging.

And now, on to the winners…the first runner up is…

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