Game night

I take a last drag on my cigarette, then stub it out on the crumbling brick wall. A working guy across the street gives me a dirty look. Even in this crappy part of town smoking is frowned upon. At least here it’s not illegal like it is uptown. Can’t have people smoking outside banks and schools, apparently.

I shrug my knapsack up higher on my shoulder, start walking from shadow to shadow towards my destination. Don’t want to attract any unwanted attention. Especially not when I’m carrying this much.

Tonight’s the night. A game this big is usually too high stakes for me. But a friend got me in the door, as long as I could put up the currency. So I scraped it together.

I knock on the door. A peep hole slides open. I get a look, a squint, then a nod. The hole slides shut, and the door slides open. She thumbs at the corridor, points with her eyes. I take a few strides down and there’s another door. The floor’s kinda slimy.

I look back down the corridor at the bouncer. I point at the door, raise my eyebrows. She nods. I open the door.

The three others are already here, sitting around the poker table. They look at me like I don’t belong here. I don’t. I know it. But I’m not going to let that stop me. I pull my knapsack off my shoulder, put it down on the table. I reach in, pull out the currency, slam it down on the table.

“Three squid.” They start squirming. “Now how about we play some poker?”

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