At the Bus Stop 3

The kids down at the bus stop told me you were asking about me so I figured I’d come and talk to you. I don’t really know that guy Harry, we did a few classes together last year at the tech, but I wouldn’t call him a friend. He’s just an acquantance who happens to live opposite my bus stop, I don’t really know much about him, and last Tuesday he was acting crazy.

He had this chick he’d been spading for weeks, ummm, sorry ma’am, this woman that he had been keen on had finally come up to his room but he didn’t have a condom. It was embarrassing! There was this mean looking old man watching from across the street and all these teenagers and this Harry guy keeps going on about this girl. I tried to quiet him down but he was frantic – I gave him a condom from my wallet eventually just to shut him up.

That Romeo was too cheap to buy his own box and he wasn’t subtle about taking it either – I had to tell the kids it was an imported sweetie; I couldn’t tell them the truth, they’re pretty naive about sex; especially that little Warren kid.

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