At the Bus Stop 2

I suppose officer, there was a guy with faded jeans here Tuesday, we often see him, he takes the number 62, same as Johnny and Ted and Mike and me and that other kid Warren on Tuesdays and Fridays – we  see him most days after school. And there was another guy here Tuesday, came down from those flats across the way  – he was a weird guy; never seen a dude so desperate for chewing gum – it was real pathetic.

This other guy, he was like excited, but he wouldn’t just come out and say that he needed chewing gum, instead he says all this stuff about this girl who at his apartment and he really needed it right now – I dunno, you know all that crap that the varsity guys talk. Anyway the jeans guy starts on about how much it costs and eventually agrees to sell for like R10 – ja I know man, a lot for a single stick of gum but this guy doesn’t care he just passes the cash over and runs off back to his girl.

But it wasn’t normal gum, that’s what the jeans guy told me when I asked him after that other guy left – he wouldn’t let me see the pack either – like he was ashamed of it – but he told us it was special imported gum.

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