At the Bus Stop 1

I was standing on the other side of the street waiting, at my age you have to stay away from those hooligan school kids at the bus stop. There were six of them hanging around the bus stop smoking hand-rolled cigarettes; at least I assume they were cigarettes. Five of them looked rough  but quite young, perhaps fourteen. They were clowning about while the ringleader, a older kid in stone washed denim, looked for business.


That’s when I saw the deal go down. A twenty-something with greasy hair and a black leather jacket came down from that block of flats across there. He looked very anxious and impatient, obviously overwrought. He spoke to the ring leader for a moment; it seemed they had a disagreement about the price. Then I saw him hand some cash over and the dealer slips him something in an obviously subversive manner. You could just see they were hiding something. The awful cheek of this generation , they have no respect for the law.

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