Quantum [Man/Woman] Happens

You know me. I’m that [kid/girl/chap/dude/freak/recruit], in the [back row/audit team/laundromat/other platoon/cafeteria], whose name you nearly remember, who you once [shared a bus seat with/got coffee for/borrowed a quarter from/bought dope from/had a one night stand with]. I was on that [school trip we took/last minute project/reconnaissance mission/cleaning detail/expedition/road trip to Vegas], remember? [The science lab. / That mountain cave. / The night of the freak storm. / That mysterious enemy base. / That members-only club.]

I got to the [bus/taxi/shuttle/helicopter/party/briefing]  late, ended up [next to that fat kid/taking the minutes/doing the clean-up/standing all the way/running/fired]. The [lab/club/client site/forest/tunnel/casino/road] was [cold/messy/loud/humid/dark/wet].  You were all [having fun/getting on with it/following orders/taking stock/organised]. I hung back. I didn’t want [any trouble/to be killed/extra work/you to notice me/anymore to drink].

It’s strange how [Mr White’s/the client’s/Roger’s/all the girls’/the presenter’s] attention was elsewhere that moment, how all the [scientists/secretaries/team leaders/reporters/soldiers] got [important calls/sand in their eyes/the urge for a cigarette] at just that second. How you all turned away, all at once, at that one crucial moment when I [stumbled and fell into that vat/was bitten by that spider/got shot by that strange dart/looked up into those dark spots on the sun/read the forbidden words/snorted what looked like perfectly good coke].

How unavoidable it seems in hindsight. I remember the pain, the heat; I remember your screams.

I remember becoming.

In the infinite universes, in a myriad untold ways… Quantum [Man/Woman] happens.

Every time.


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