Red and white

I was in a bad mood that day. Worse than usual, I mean. I had been there on my own for what felt like decades. It’s always hard to tell the exact passing of time when you’re inside, isn’t it? It feels like that edge between being asleep and awake: not quite on either side.
I understanded that I needed to be punished. I deserved a less spacious cage. But at least when I was in a lamp I was moving around in the world quite a lot. And sometimes you can sense other Djinn nearby. You ever get that? Like a tingling in your fingertips. If you were corporeal, I mean.

Where was I? Ah, yes: bad mood. I needed to grant some wishes. I was feeling rough around the edges. Bad comedown. Then I sensed him. A bit flat and flavourless maybe, but better than nothing. He must have been quite determind: once I was out, I could see that the weather was rough. Gale force winds, rain hammering down. But, he made it to the door of my lighthouse. He didn’t even try to peer through the porthole, just peeled off a glove and rubbed at it.

I welcomed the familiar sting of it as I twisted and turned my way into the flesh that had formed itself up from the stone and moss. I have a theory about the bodies we use, by the way. Something to do with spare wishes, balancing of energies from retractions, things like that. Later, though. More details later. I opened the door to my bland friend.

He stared at me. Looked me up and down.
“Three, correct? Anything I want?”
It had been a long time since I’d had one of those. Usually I needed to do some parlour tricks as a convincer.
“Aye.” I told him. “Three.” I lit my pipe.

I played the old one, two, switch on him. No surprises for the first two. He got what he asked for. Got him feeling comfortable for the last big wish. The finale. The blockbuster.
“I want to be connected. I want to feel connected. To the world.”
I nodded and told him to close his eyes. Completely unnecessary of course, but I like to keep the showmanship going. I licked my thumb and pushed it gently against his forehead. The air crackled with static as I broke his body down into bits and bytes. I pushed his conciousness into the Internet, into telephone networks.
I left him feel every cut of data being chopped into packets. I let him feel the crunch of the data colliding at the end of each journey. I let him feel the stretch of being pulled half way around the world, then back again.

I just had time for a quick chuckle and a glance up at the Fresnel lens before I stung out of the flesh, back to the aether.

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One Response to Red and white

  1. andrew says:

    Really dig the everydayness of it all – Love the way you make the Jin feel like a despondent office worker.

    Loved the descriptions of life in the lamp-lighthouse and the explicit descriptions of the transitions between in and out. ‘stung out of the flesh’ – is great.

    Also the narrative is cool and a cute modern twist in the idea – and I enjoyed the graphically physical descriptions of cyberspace.