In the Details – Final

The small drawing-roomwhen she was little, she came to the logical conclusion that this was the room for drawing in. Two nights without supper for drawing monsters on the wall paper. Now the monsters hid behind the stripes and supper was served without issue. was exquisitely neat and smelled of burnt lavender. There were some Dresden shepherds and shepherdessesShe imagined herself in the dress of the Shepherdess on the right. A pastoral naïve fancy. Pink with white trim. A bonnet and a crook. Nothing you could actually tend sheep in. But she’d be out of this house and on the moors. With a dark, dangerous shepherd boy helping her tend her flock. , on the mantelpieceUncle Alaister, leaning against it. The dark wood a prop for his elbow as he told stories of India and the Maharaj. His waxed mustache and carefully pressed suit. One hand tucked into the pocket of his waistcoat. Such a fucking liar. He’d never even been as far as Southampton. , simpering sweetly. There were framed water-coloursThe efforts of her mother. Simpering foolish scenes. Washed out and faded. She mulled the comparison between the art and the artist. And felt a suffocating beat of panic at her own prospects. , two samplers and three needlework picturesThe showy pieces of her sister. “Why can’t you be more like Maude?” on the wall. There were some photographsJeremy, awkward in his Sunday suit. He’d beat her at cards that day, and been allowed to run a hand along her calf to the top of her stockings. of what were obviously nephews and nieces and some good furniture – a Chippendale desk A gift from father to mother, and disliked from the start. Uncomfortable and brittle. A fitting metaphor, perhaps, for a marriage of good arrangement., some little satin-wood tables She loved those little tables. Perfect, smooth, beautifully crafted. The elegant legs and carefully inlayed wood. She longed to pick one up smash it against the wall. – and a hideous and rather uncomfortable Victorian sofaIt might have been uncomfortable, but she smiled every time she saw it, remembering a rather refreshing afternoon with Jeremy as he bent her over its upholstered arm and very vigorously introduced her to her favourite new parlor game..
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  1. jo says:

    This is a lovely vignette – a tantalising balance of sexy and oppressed, with violent rebellion waiting just around the corner. I like the intrusion of lust and anger into the staid household – emotions breaching the walls of propriety. Fresh, young, and full of just the right spice and anxiety. Liked it muchly!